Businesses and Instagram

Instagram is growing in popularity. We used to think that Facebook was the way to go with regards to the only means of Social Marketing. However, recently, we are started to see a big surge in popularity for Instagram. Some companies have jumped on this band wagon and it has created much success for their company.

We help our clients grow and expand their business by growing their Instagram account. We take an active involvement in their account by taking it over. We connect them to local Instagram accounts in their area. We then will help them post pictures of their business whether funny or not to gain more exposure. As we grow their members, we have seen Instagram be a huge success for companies.

For instance, Chatt-town Tree Services has seen their business explode on Instagram. It has been really surprising to us at how many people in Chattanooga are on Instagram. It has generated enough revenue through our marketing that this company is looking to expand into the Northern part of Atlanta. Needless to say their businesses is doing really well.

After having lots of social media reviews concerning our unique approach to helping local businesses, we would ask you think about calling us to see how we might bring our creativity and ingenuity to your business. We believe you want to grow. We know that we can help with this.

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