Businesses and Instagram

Instagram is growing in popularity. We used to think that Facebook was the way to go with regards to the only means of Social Marketing. However, recently, we are started to see a big surge in popularity for Instagram. Some companies have jumped on this band wagon and it has created much success for their company.

We help our clients grow and expand their business by growing their Instagram account. We take an active involvement in their account by taking it over. We connect them to local Instagram accounts in their area. We then will help them post pictures of their business whether funny or not to gain more exposure. As we grow their members, we have seen Instagram be a huge success for companies.

For instance, Chatt-town Tree Services has seen their business explode on Instagram. It has been really surprising to us at how many people in Chattanooga are on Instagram. It has generated enough revenue through our marketing that this company is looking to expand into the Northern part of Atlanta. Needless to say their businesses is doing really well.

After having lots of social media reviews concerning our unique approach to helping local businesses, we would ask you think about calling us to see how we might bring our creativity and ingenuity to your business. We believe you want to grow. We know that we can help with this.

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How We Help Local Businesses

We drive customers to your local business through quality captured photographs of your business and experience. Then, we set you up with a social media platform that will take your business to the next level. We have had huge success with our initiatives. Our approach is so unique and different that we continue to surprise ourselves with how fast our social media approach is drawing in clients for our customers on a daily basis.

We focus on:

Facebook– We offer Facebook ads and posts daily. Our approach is to start small as we build our followers. Then, we continue to offer special services through our followers as they grow our business through their friends and resources.

Twitter– This continues to be one of the best means of bringing communication of who you are as a small business owner to the world around you. People love tweets. Our goal is to provide awesome tweets that set you a part from your competition. We seek to bring about creativity to the next level through photography and tweeting. We have found that our photography grabs people’s attention and draws them into conversation with our businesses.

Youtube– This is becoming one of our favorites for it not only brings to life images, it creates an even greater excitement with video. We have trained photographers who are able not only to capture incredible pictures, but who are also trained in creating beautiful videos that will generate interest and draw in clients.

Instagram– This has become the most popular way to grow your client base recently. We have been surprised at the amount of growth that is on Instagram. It is one of the best ways to get your name out because it is photography image driven. We have seen massive results from engaging with this social media.

Our results:

We have seen results skyrocket for our local businesses. Augusta Plumbing has added our team of photographers and social media experts and they have seen their business triple over the last 6 months. They have become a well-known brand in their area. From cute and funny photos, the residents have responded by giving them their business.

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