B2K Free Fire id Number | B2K Free Fire Which Country

We have given below B2K Free Fire id Number. We have told full details about B2K in this post. B2K is a famous YouTube channel. The full name of this channel is Born2Kill. Is there a gaming channel because it is very popular. Free fire game is played in this channel.

Want to know B2K Free Fire id and name, a lot of searching is being done on the internet. Whoever is on this channel. He wants to know this. What is the free fire id of the player on this channel. And what is the name of the guy who plays this game. By the way, we have given b2k free fire id code. But it is not getting confirmed. whether it is real or fake. Born2Kill What to do Very nice game played. On this channel you will get free fire only.

Who is Free Fire B2K?

Free Fire is a famous game around the world. And the number of people playing this game is very high. In this you can play online games with your friends. And many YouTube channels also started gaming. One of those channels is B2K which is very popular. And this channel has more than 8 million subscribers.

Moez Mansouri is on a YouTube, he has a B2K channel. That’s why people want to know his name. Because they do not show their face while doing gym. And don’t even mention the name.

Who is Free Fire B2K?
Who is Free Fire B2K?

Where is B2K FF from?

The name of the person who runs the B2K YouTube channel is Moez Mansouri. He is from Tunisia country. Do you live stream games like free fire pubg on your channel? There have been more than 8 million subscribers on his channel. He has many Sahara channels on YouTube. The name of that channel is Born2Kill. And it is very popular because of its gaming style. Many people like their game play.

Real NameMoez and Walid
Date of Birth1997 Year
Free Fire ID Number320653047
Subscribers8.5 Million

B2K Free Fire Photo

B2K whose name is Moez Mansouri. We have given his face and many more photos below. b2k is free fire photos hd which you can also download.

What is the rank of B2K in Free Fire?
B2K Free Fire Photo

There are more than 6 lakh followers on Instagram, he is known for his Pro Gameplay of Free Fire, he is called Legend of AWM in Free Fire, he is the Legend Player of B2K Tunisia Country, he has Free Fire with PUBG Mobile, CSGO, Valorant, I also like to play Call of Duty Games very much B2K Free Fire ID-320653047 and upload Free Fire Gameplay Videos from the same ID, they do most of their Earnings from YouTube, their Monthly Income:- From 8 Lakhs 9 lakh is more than Rs.

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