Ekattarso Mahadev Mandir (64 Yogini Temple) in MP, India

This temple is present in the state of Madhya Pradesh, India. This is a Shiva temple. Two such temples are in Orissa and two in MP. So today we have come to visit this special temple of MP. And so because of the 64 Yogini temples in the temple, it is in perfect condition out of these four. We have given below the address of this temple present in MP. And complete details of this Shiva temple is available here.

Place NameEkattarso Mahadev Mandir ( Chausath Yogini Temple ) (एकत्तार्सो महादेव मंदिर)
AddressC6PP+P3H, Mitaoli, Madhya Pradesh 476444 (INDIA)
Open HoursPer Day Open Time: 6am–7pm
Google Map Link:Ekattarso Mahadev Mandir

64 Yogini Temples in india

It is one of the 64 Yogini temples. Ekattarso Mahadev Mandir is located in the best position. There are many 64 Yogini temples in India. Out of which Ekattarso Mahadev Mandir is in the best condition. And tourists also visit here a lot. Many things are said related to this temple. It is also said here that tantra mantras were taught here, which is baseless. And it is also said about this temple that education was given here. Mathematics and pedagogy were taught here.

How would you believe in the folk tantra mantra and how would you teach there, that too in the temple and there are two more such places near this temple. The three which are the temples, which are in all the three places, used to do the work of the university. So that is why this temple would not have been used for that tantra mantra and I want to say one thing that this is my argument. This is my opinion and it is not necessary that you agree with me. So what do you think, do let me know by commenting below.

Ekattarso Mahadev Mandir Map

You will be able to know Ekattarso Mahadev Mandir even better through Google Map. Or you can use this map to reach this temple.

Some photos of Ekattarso Mahadev Mandir

Here are some important pictures of Ekattarso Mahadev Mandir. So that you can know about this temple in a better way.

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