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The condition of hospitals in this period of Corona was. Given the same, this website has been launched. So that you will find very easy to know which hospital in your area. And the bed is empty or not, and so empty, so empty. All this system can check from this website.


The MADAD MAPS website has a very great feature. About which we will talk. A group of America and India have launched an online map. Those who can be very beneficial for the people of India and America. You are going to benefit from

🔴Real Time Map Vacant Beds Check

By clicking on the button below. You can know directly, that the Beds in which hospital is empty in your area.

What is website

What is MADAD, and how works. There is only one purpose behind creating this website. That the needy can easily know how many beds are empty in which hospital. So that the needy get treatment on time. This site has developed the Doctor Cake team of America and India. This is also working in many more countries.

The way to do this map is very simple. Where do the details come from this map? It is updated from every hospital that how many beds are empty in our hospital. This update is done in this website. And from this website we can get information. Every hospital can have different category. Through which this website receives information, how many beds are empty in which hospital. This is a very unique and used website.

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