Scvietska Photoapparat OLD

Krcsmall Krystall The Krystall is very similar to the Zenit Zm but was made during the 1961/62 period when the Soviet Union was having minor financial problems so the top of the camera was not chromed brass as others were but was cast metal with an unusual five strip prism top, and painted in a hammertone silver paint. Again a fairly low production number of 65433 peices.

Almaz Almaz 103 The Almaz (Russian for Diamond) 103 is a copy of the Nikon F-2 with a Pentax K mount. As you can see the Soviets kept the general look of the Nikon. It comes with a Volna 50mm 1.8 lens and has a removable prism. Shutter speeds are from 1/1 to 1/1000. According to the information available, only 9 were made.

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