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Today we are going to talk about the world’s most Noob game. Which is the World No 1 Noob Game, this question is of many people. So in this post we have brought the answer to your questions. So let’s know. What is World Noob Game?

We have come up with many such games, which belong to the most noob people in the world. Most Noob players play on that game. So we have made a list which game is number one, for Noob people.

Which is the worlds biggest noob game

So we are going to go, which is the Worlds Biggest noob game. Below we have made a list that which game has the most Noob players.

World Noob Game
World Noob Game

Garena Free Fire :- World No 1 Noob Game – Garena Free Fire is played all over the world. And this game is also called number one. This game is very popular. The users of this game are spread all over the world. Garena Free Fire is the world’s biggest NooB game, most Noob players play in this game. Because every day new players come. Who has never played the game. So all this together, this game is also called Noob’s game. If you want to do Garena Free Fire game then you can download it from Play Store.

Temple Run:– Now let’s talk about number two, whose name is Temple Run. This game is also very popular and old too. Temple Run is played all over the world. And its users are very many. Anyone can play this game whether it is big or small. Most of the people who play this game are also noobs. Before Free Fire, World No 1 Noob Game was just Temple Run. Nevertheless, this game is still used by a lot of people. Because this game is very simple, and it can be played by anyone, be it a little kid or a bad guy.

I also played the game in my childhood. Because at that time there were no games like Free Fire Pubg. Many people are noobs in playing Temple Run. If you want to watch Temple Run by playing, then download it from Play Store.

Subway Surfers:- You must have known Subway Surfers because it is a very old and popular game. Subway Surfers is a very simple game. The number of people who like this game is also very high. And this game is available for both Android and PC. There are a lot of noob players in Subway Surfers. Because it is a very simple game. And small children also like to play with.

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What is the No 1 noob game in India?

The question must come in your mind that which game is the most nood in our India. Which is the No 1 noob game in India? So let us tell, which is the game of the most Noob player people in India. There is not much difference between India and the whole world. Because any game is played the most in India. Be it pubg, free fire, or temple run.

  1. Free Fire: – This is the game of the most Noob player people not only in India but in the whole world.
  2. Subway Surfers:- Subway Surfers game is also played the most in India. And it is also possible that noob players play it too much.
  3. BGMI:- Battleground Mobile India is also the most popular game in India. Battleground Mobile India was launched after PUBG was banned. Whose users came a lot of new. Due to this Noob player started playing it too much. Because it was a new game which was launched in India. And all the gamers wanted to play this game.

Who is noob player in world?

We will not take the name of any Noob player. But first of all you should know who is a noob player. Noob is the one who is new. If someone is playing a game for the first time then he must be a noob. Because he has never played this game before. And he will have trouble playing the game. So it is called noob player.

By the way, India is full of noob players because even small children play games here. And the new player is a lot here. By the way, in India even small children are heavy on the elders. Whoever is a pro player today was a noob player in the past.

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