Wow Classic Small Flame Sac

A new version of the classic “flame sac” code has been brought to my attention that is causing some confusion. The original intent of the code was to produce a horizontal flame trail, but due to incorrect interpretation by others it’s also producing a vertical trail.

Wow Classic Small Flame Sac

NOTE: This explanation applies primarily to vanilla MAME. Other emulators may have other requirements or produce different code effects. If you are interested in learning about alternate emulator configuration files please visit this thread on BYOAC .

The Classic Small Flame Sacs

First we need to start with how we create our flame effect in the first place. There are two separate commands involved which must be combined and can only be used in MAME’s software mode:

The small flame sac is one of the easiest items to wow in all of Azeroth, but it still has a relatively low drop rate. If you are lucky, you can find this little gem while mining in the human lands.

Small Flame sac

If you find yourself with no luck at all, or if you would like to make some extra cash for your cross-realm guild, then there are a few places that you can try.

1. Tanaris – The Sunken Temple is one of the most popular spots in all of Azeroth to farm for both large flame sacs and small flame sacs. The two spawns here are either at or next to the last boss, Therazane the Stonemother. If you are having trouble getting to her, then try one of the two other spawns in the eastern portion of the zone.

2. Western Plaguelands – The small flame sac can be farmed here by killing Pyroguards in Andorhal or by running up through Hearthglen to kill the Pyroguards surrounding the Death Knight area.

3. Desolace – You can find this one in Thunder Axe Fortress or Shadowprey Village, both of which are eastern starting areas that border each other. If you would rather not kill NPCs then you might try the small flame sacs that drop from Enraged Phantoms in the northeast corner of Desolace. You will have to do a bit of traveling though, so I would only plan on getting one every ten minutes or so.

4. Tanaris – The small flame sac can be found in Gadgetzan just south of the desert sands area here by killing Sandcrawlers and Scorpids. Good luck finding this one, though. It is probably the most rare of all the small flame sac locations.

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